Thursday, 10 July 2003

Agua Azul

Hola from Palenque! I´ve no idea how you pronounce it, several gringos have offered their own versions, but the locals still look bemused when I mention the place. Anyway, it was a hell of a coach journey here, 10 hours in all, arriving at 4am. Great....only had to wait 2 hours for a hostel to open!A seriously tiring overnight journey not to be repeated. Mexicos bus service is a lot better and more comfortable than one would expect, but not quite so that you can sleep on it!

I met a couple of French chicas on the coach, and a pair of Swiss girls on arrival, followed shortly by an Anglo-Italian guy and his Mexican/American friend, and formed a backpack convoy through town to the nearest Posada to demand a group discount. And actually got it! Just 45 pesos for last night, although we are all sharing the one room. I discreetly occupied the single bed lying between the girls two doubles...heh heh! Not much use though, had barely had a hour of sleep when one of the guys returned to announce he had booked us all on a tour leaving in an hour.

Wasn´t massively enthused, but felt kind of obliged to drag my weary corpse from its slumber. But having said that, it was the best day here, or any other country, so far. First stop was a 30 minute tour to a waterfall. Was ok....pretended to be impressed, and omitted telling them I have seen about half a dozen in the last twelve months, and this was hardly the biggest. Besides....seen one, well, you kinda seen them all! Its water pouring over a ledge. Could make one at home if I wanted!

The best bits of the day though were a drive through some incredibly scenic hills, all very lush, to the river below. I have loads of photos which is just as well as words cant begin to describe it. The water was perfect light blue, the limestone banks and rapids walkable on, and masses of pools of various sizes to either swim in or use as a natural jacuzzi. And all surrounded by the same green hills and trees. It was fantastic. Spent hours there, and would quite happily have stayed days. Tomorrow though its off to the ruins mentioned last time. Would write more, but really need the loo....cya!