Friday, 11 July 2003


I have finally gotten some photos up on my website. And it has to be said, the site is beginning to fray at the edges a little, with my html skills being limited as they are. I much prefer to work with pictures than words! Nevermind, it all kind of works enough to be useable. Just. Went to Palenque ruins today, but not much else to say really, other than Im moving on to another old colonial town called San Cristobal de las Casas tomorrow morning with the French girls.

The others obtained some magic mushrooms and have gone AWOL. I think they are intending to go to Guatamala at some stage. I will no doubt be told of there plans at about 3am when they return to the hostel :-( Three things that are cool about Mexico......1) Walking down a street in Mexico City and every other car is a VW Beetle, some of them fresh off the production line. 2)Don´t have to worry about being late for anything. Nothing runs on time here. I am in my element. 3) Chillies with everything. You order Tacos, you get a pot of chillies. Eggs on toast, you get a pot of chillies. Cornflakes, you get a pot of chillies. A cup of coffee.....Im sure you get the point by now. But best of all, although I can´t remember the name for it, there is a chocolate and chillies sauce for bread. I know it doesn´t sound quite right, and I know all the other travellers have heaved from a taste, but I love the stuff. Brown gold so it is!