Saturday, 5 July 2003

Playa Del Carmen

A weary hola from Playa del Carmen. Nearing the end of my first full day at what is really just a Yankee tourist resort. I dread to think what Cancun must be like, but having spoken to quite a few 
people who have just fled that scene I can´t say I want to find out! The sea is lovely and the sand is white, but the rest is all just Plastic Fantastic USA style....not my cup of tea!

Still, I´m staying one more day as I have booked a ferry trip to Cozumel (a wee island 45 mins away, made famous by Jaques Cousteau) to do some snorkelling. At least that will have made bringing my snorkel and mask along worth while. After that I´m doubling back on myself to stay at Tulum, hopefully for quite a while as its cheap and I´ve been spending too much money by far! Tulum has the fabulous sea and sand but thankfully lacks the pollution, and tourist crap found between Cancun and Playa. It also has some ancient ruins which, whilst not particularly grandiose on their own, create some stunning views and scenery. I guess the one plus Playa has going for it are the beach views....nudity is tolerated here. I manage to put up with it getting in my way anyway.... :-)