Monday, 21 July 2003

Return to DF

Another busy day in Mexico City, with much ground covered and many new blisters to show for it. The city is at an altitude of 2300 metres and you can really feel it; the pollution doesn't help much either! At least the evenings are quite cool, which is a refreshing change having come from the Yucatan peninsula. Today I have visited the Trotsky museum, which is attached to his house, also viewable. It has been left much as it was on the day of his murder in 1940, although I did notice a book dated 1956 amongst his library, so I do have some reservations as to the truth of that. It was a pretty interesting visit though, with bullet holes from a previous assassination attempt to see.

Also ascended the Torre Latinamerico, the city's tallest building. Some great views through the smog, and whilst not exactly on the scale of the Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpar, you get high enough to experience a degree of vertigo. Although maybe the knowledge that Im 44 floors up on top of the planets most active earthquake zone had something to do with that! There is also an active volcano a few miles outside of Mexico City that I had read about in my Lonely Planet guide which has been burbling away to the worry of the authorities since 1994. I did notice today pictures on the front pages of all the newspapers of a huge plume of smoke coming from a there was a lot of ash raining on the city yesterday one can only assume the pictures must have been of Mexico's volcano! Probably just as well I'm leaving Tuesday!