Thursday, 31 July 2003

San Blas

Ah life just can't get any better! I have spent the entire day either swimming in the sea, sleeping in a hammock or deckchair and eating lots of food! Last night I went for a midnight swim (well, 2am swim)for a few hours with five other travellers. I still cannot get over how warm the water is, even in the middle of the night. The sky was clear and full of stars, and just to add to the moment the sea here turned out to be full of phosphorescent (or whatever!) which causes the sea to glow and light up in thousands of bright yellow dots whenever you splash. I splashed a lot.....I've always been pretty easily entertained!

And just to top the day off, it occurred to me that at that moment in time it was 8 am in the UK and stock take day would be once again upon many Texaco managers. How I chuckled! And whilst I did at some stage say I would do a stock count of bikinis in sympathy, none of the chicas were wearing bikinis. And hence I splashed some some...