Monday, 14 July 2003

The Magic of Money

I'm suffering today, truly suffering. Next time I see a horse, it better be the salami topping on my pizza! Todays adventure with the Frenchies involved a butt numbing 2 hour horse ride to a local Indiginous village in the hills, where they still practice olden day living in authentic surroundings. Mustn´t take photos there, we were told, as they believe the lens of a camera steals their soul. Indiginous my arse! Anyone expecting little mud walled homes with straw roofs were in for a surprise! 

It was nothing more than your average native slum with all the normal corrugated metal roofed homes to be found in every other village in Mexico. Sure, there were troops of kids and their mothers manning stalls selling local woven between the men´s stalls selling pirate CDs and DVDs! And as for photographs....its amazing how many souls you can buy for 10 pesos! Methinks the olden ways have long one smiles and says cheese while their spirit is sucked into a tourists camera if they are a true believer!

Its amazing how a troupe of foreigners waving dollars can so quickly persuade so called indiginous folk to change their ways. And sad too, but thats "progress" i guess. No doubts about it though, the memory that will live with me the longest has to be the horse riding. Im sure the scenery was fantastic, but wooden saddles and rocky mountain paths (with your head being forever bashed in by low hanging branches) tends to leave tears in your eyes to the point everything is a blur. I may never walk the same again.....even now other PC users in here are pointing and staring curiously at my peculiar choice of sitting position. Dear God, where is my hammock.....