Friday, 8 August 2003

Copper Canyon

I am just the most tired soul in the Northern Hemisphere I can tell you! I have just spent two days tramping up and down huge canyons all over the place, sometimes on foot, sometimes on bike, and regularly on arse....there are some steep and sandy bits which can get you if you're not looking! The first full day in Creel was spent on a tour to a waterfall which I later found out was the highest fall in North America, several metres more than Niagara. Three hours in a van to get there, three hours climbing up and down, and then the same return bus trip.

Bloody knackering it was! But todays efforts made that seem like a piece of cake. I got it into my head that there was no need to join the Hostel tour to the hot springs. Why drive when you can go by mountain bike. Other than to avoid a seriously painful ordeal of cycling, walking and a bit of climbing for at least 50kms. I know 50kms sounds quite far but not exactly life threatening, but I can assure you that when you throw in stone covered trails, a few of the worlds largest canyons and a water supply that was exhausted less than half way into the jaunt (I know its hot over in the UK, but rest assured its burningly so here too!), then you have the perfect recipe for a really seriously hard days work! On the plus side, the scenery has been absolutely spectacular! And of course, there will be the traditional photo showings at some stage!