Wednesday, 6 August 2003

El Tren

I just had a day from hell! I didn't get any sleep last night, having chosen Hotel 'Cockroach Infested and 100 degrees F' Hidalgo as my resting spot. Satisfying as it is to crunch a dozen foot long (well, maybe thats a little exaggerated, but they were darned big anyway!) roachs, it doesn't do much for one's sleep prospects I can tell you. And I know you are having a heatwave in Blighty but last night's temperatures here were just silly. My sheets felt like they had just come out of a tumble dryer after 2 hours on full blast, and I physically couldn't stand on the tiled floor for more than a few moments without burning me toes! And this was at 3am....not funny at all!

Still, I managed to drag my weary corpse down the train station and had my 7 hour train ride through the Copper Canyon, which turned out to be 13 hours long! Still the train seats were comfy, leg room plentiful, and there was a whole carriage set apart as a cafe. You could also go stick your head out of the windows in the end sections where the carriages join together and have a smoke. So that kept me happy! And of course, there was the scenery! Which was fantastic!

The immensity of the canyon is hard to put into words, so I won't bother. You'll have to ask to see the photos if you are interested. If not, rest assured the canyon is big x the power of 2000! Anyway, have found me a cheery little hostel, and have booked my first couple of hiking excursions through the canyon, to see waterfalls, hot springs and the like. See ya later!