Tuesday, 5 August 2003

Still In San Blas

Well it had to come to an end at some stage, sadly. I have finally dragged myself away from the lazy life of San Blas, two days later than originally planned. It really would have been easy to stay another week or twenty. My only regret was arriving a day too late to see the Miss Gay Universe parade....a fine spectacle I'm sure, although I still can't quite see how that show arrived in sleepy San Blas! Oh well, I had a jolly good time anyway, and made a few more friends who have now been left behind.

Although the two English girls left the day before me on their way to Creel, which is also my next stop. I may catch them up yet. Creel is roughly at the half way point of the Copper Canyon train line, where I will spend a few days taking in the enormity of the ravines. It may not be as famous as the US's Grand Canyon, but it is four times the size, deeper, has a greater diversity in scenery (mile upon mile of evergreen forest) and has local indiginous tribe type people to boot. I just hope they are a little more authentic than the lot I bumped into during my excrutiating horse ride in San Cristobal. I'll let you know....