Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Why I Hate Mexicans...

….today. It´s a long enough journey from Mexico City to Merida, without any delays. It’s just under 20 hours. But because a super obese blind woman selling CDs on the metro decided to stop right in front of my seat as we came into the metro station, I was delayed a little. I needed to get off and she refused to move an inch despite my vigourous pushing. Because hundreds of Mexicans behave like animals the moment you show them a queue on a form of public transport, preventing me and my rucksack to get on the next train, I was further delayed. 
Because taxi drivers think all gringos with a rucksack are prime targets for ripping off – I did not accept the ride from the driver who wanted to charge me 200 pesos for a 3 minute journey to a metro station just two stops away - I was delayed a little bit more. And because Mexican families in general think that the best way to the bus station is to walk side by side very slowly, I was delayed even more. Because of all that and more I missed my bus. And now I have a six hour wait for the next one.
For anyone who feels my analysis is harsh….it´s just as well I had to queue for a half hour to get at this internet cafe terminal, during which time I have calmed down a little, or this post would have been full of profanity. With imaginative suggestions for potential solutions to this problem in future. Solutions involving machine guns and dynamite. Pendejos.
But now I’ve always had to endure the sight of four people typing crap into their terminals in full caps. Why do all Mexicans have to write in full caps? Don´t they know that´s rude? It just winds me up, it does. Still, tomorrow will be another day. All will once again be well with the world, I’m sure. And I’ll love Mexicans again.