Thursday, 10 March 2016

A Trumped Up Charge

It strikes me that the Republican Party has something of a problem. For eight years, the most vocal part of the party has spent it’s time questioning Obama’s birthplace, the exact shade of black of his skin, his religion and whether or not he is a gay communist who funded his youthful drug habit through male prostitution. And attempting to block everything he does regardless of its merits. The rational part of the party appears to have spent it’s time trying to appease the former. And no one has questioned what direction the party should take. Exactly what does the GOP stand for? What are their core values and ethics? How do these translate into policies in today’s USA?
And now here we are in 2016, with Donald Trump on the cusp of being selected as the Republican candidate for the November presidential election. What a pickle. Actually, Donald Trump should be easy for them to deal with. The Republican Party just needs to act as any self respecting organisation would. Expel him from the GOP, on the simple charge of him bringing the party into disrepute. Repeatedly. On an almost daily basis. Cancel the current nomination process, removing other extremists from the fray at the same time. That would be Cruz in particular. But Rubio too. Then choose a nominee from a moderate section of the party. An electable section of the party.
It’s hard to imagine that someone could, without being fired, expelled or otherwise being removed from their position, publicly ridicule disabled people, advocate torture, promise to commit war crimes, habitually come out with racist slurs, threaten free speech, demean women and generally marginalise anyone that isn’t…well, a white, male Christian. Other than members of the KKK. They’d get away with that behaviour. Which brings us on to the mysteriously under publicised ‘possibility’ that Trump is himself a white supremacist. Seriously, even FIFA would likely have expelled him. Think about that for a moment.
So. It would be that easy. Sure, there would be an outcry from a section of the party that he was being ejected on a trumped up charge, which makes great headline material. Their outrage would be full of ridiculous nonsense, and they can also be invited to leave the party. If a split is coming, the moderate Republicans would do well to martial the split themselves, on their terms and to start afresh. There’s nothing to lose. Whether Trump is their nominee or whether he is running as an independent, they are highly unlikely, barring any major Democrat catastrophe, to win the White House in 2016. 
There are consequences of doing nothing and going with the flow. To return to the first paragraph, does any sane Republican really want the party’s values and ethics defined by Donald Trump? The longer the GOP remains at the extreme end of politics, promoting policies that are frankly shameful, the longer it can expect to remain a protest party, sitting at the margins of American life, dominated by oligarchs who are out of touch with real life and supported by a dwindling proportion of a poorly educated\informed electorate. Who are also largely out of touch. With reality.
American politics is broken. But Trump is hardly the person to fix it. On a personal note, and within the realms of plausibility, albeit at the very edges of it, the best outcome at this moment in time would seem to be Clinton with Jeb Bush as her running mate. Clinton and Bush for once, rather than Clinton v Bush. Hey, those two families broke America pretty good. Maybe they should step up and fix it. Yes, I know….unlikely on every count. At least though, they might be able to get both parties working together for the benefit of the country to a better degree than has been the case for the last few decades.
Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it should be pointed out that Donald Trump almost certainly has a very small penis. He might think it’s big, but that’s just because he has very small hands. That’s the only positive thing about Trump’s candidacy. He’s giving the world plenty of laughs. At him, rather than with him. Sadly, he’s making the US as a whole look rather ridiculous too.