Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Brexit and the Mob

If the EU Referendum in 2016 were a business decision, made using facts and figures and not fantasy and slander, then the decision would have been to remain. But Brexit is more than a simple business decision. It’s an emotive issue. A very emotive issue for some, and sadly many of the emotions that have been stirred up have nothing to do with the EU at all. Life is a very emotive experience – it goes without saying. But surely that is why we have certain authorities and organisations in place? To make rational decisions on our behalf based on evidence and reason.

We choose to have a police force and justice system in preference to vigilante mobs lynching people. We have the NHS in preference to a network of witchdoctors. We have a banking system rather than a plague of loan sharks. We have the coastguard and border agency in preference to Katie Hopkins leading a flotilla of gunboats into the seas to machine gun drowning immigrants. We chose to create a civilised society based on order and co-operation. As opposed to a rabble, rife with supersticion and run by a baying mob.

We also used to have a government to run our foreign affairs. Right up until June 2016 when it abruptly abdicated all responsibility regards our membership of the European Union and gave it back to the people. Who promptly proved that they can’t be trusted to deal with that responsibility in a reasoned fashion based on evidence. And the Conservative government is now running with the decision of the people, which is why Brexit is still on the cards.

Depite the lies and undeliverable promises having long ago been revealed. Despite the damage already done to the economy. Despite the growing clarity of the economic damage to come. Fact: there is no weekly payment of £350 million for the NHS. Fact: we aren’t now staying in the Single Market after all. Fact: we have gone from one of the fastest growing to the slowest growing economies amongst the G20. Fact: we are becoming poorer by the day, and Brexit is the main cause.

Fact: British voters were duped by the Leave campaign.
So why does the government continue with such folly? Because the baying mob lives within its own ranks. From grassroots to cabinet, the Tory’s own baying mob is dictating the show. If a political party in power wants to abdicate its responsibility to govern, there is a right way to do it. At this point in time, the right way would be for Theresa May to revoke Article 50. To arrange a new referendum. Then to resign.

We’d have to hope that next time ‘the people’ see the light and cast their ballot according to reason and not prejudice. A person who voted Leave in 2016 was conned. A person who voted Leave again would just be plain stupid.