Thursday, 28 June 2018

#TBT Viva Mexico

We have just gone past the half way point of the World Cup. Two weeks left of the greatest show on earth. A fortnight more of socially acceptable xenophobia - please do, by all means, mention the war. Thus far, it is familiar fare that leaves one with a certain sense of de ja vu. The Hun have been sent packing short of Moscow. The Mexicans, in keeping with history, have been beaten but survive to fight another day. The English threaten to surprise, but their limitations are all too apparent. Disappointment, once again, beckons. But at least it won't be at the hands of Jerry.

The Brazilians seem rather like their team of '94, easing through in unspectacular fashion as their big challengers all seem to be wilting. And the Russians? Well, they're the new East German ladies swimming team, are they not? They've turned from a lethargic, elderly squad, rated one of the worst in the world, into supermen. They've run further and faster than anyone else. Mysterious? No more so that the allegation that at least one of them has had a failed doping test in the last year. Which appears to have been covered up. Call me suspicious, but...

But this is Throwback Thursday. The photo is from the World Cup in 2010, taken near the Angel of Independence in Mexico City shortly after Mexico's historic win over the French. Glorious times.

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