Monday, 2 July 2018


I arrived in Mexico in mid 2005, just as Lopez Obrador's tenure as Head of the DF government was coming to an end.  But I'd spent a couple of weeks in the city a few years earlier, when his administration was just getting to grips with the job at hand. From my point of limited reference, there was a visible improvement in security and infrastructure. But as a presidential candidate in 2006 and 2012,  he seemed to inspire fear and hope in equal measure. He inspired neither with me. Only my curiosity.

Like Corbyn, he stands on a left leaning soapbox preaching the mantra. Like Trump and Brexit he rode a populist wave. Like Macron, he established a party out of nowhere that swept to victory on a wave of anti-establishment sentiment. But there are at least as many differences between AMLO and those I've mentioned as there are similarities. And the differences tend to be the key ones. If you forced me to make a political comparison, I'd perhaps choose Tony Blair. Based on the evidence of his time as head of the DF government, he was as pragmatic as he was ideological. I suspect there is little to fear from AMLO.

The photo above was taken a decade or more ago, at one of my favourite museums. It's a fairly non descript bathroom, left exactly as the owner kept it. But I liked the filter I used. The owner of the bathroom? Why, that would be another of Mexico City's most famous leftie politicians. Not that he ever campaigned for office in Mexico. Although Leon Trotsky and his clique certainly left their mark on the country. Are there similarities to be made of Trotsky and AMLO? Be my guest. But let's hope that senor Obrador meets a kinder end.

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