Wednesday, 25 July 2018


The year got off to a terrible start for UKIP, the country's official party for racists and bigots, when their leader's (inappropriately young) girlfriend got him the sack with some slightly KKKesque comments about the quality and colour that Meghan Markle would be bringing to the Royal Family. Then they elected a new leader who has himself gone full-on white supremicist batshit crazy. Could things get worse?

Of course they could. Summer came and scorched the country, turning the entire population into a pleasingly Meghan-Markle brown. UKIP supporters scarcely know where to look, or who to abuse. Even the country, the hallowed green turf this island is famed for, turned an ethnic shade of brown. William Blake's legendary prose has had to be written to request that Jerualem be builded in England's brown and rather humid land.


It has continued to be a marvellous summer for those of us who don't subscribe to the prejudices of UKIP. And where better place to go than the beach. We chose to spend the day at Lulworth Cove with a walk over the the equally famous Durdle Door. Fear not, the world hasn't entirely turned upside down - the waters of the English channel remain in the cold to freezing category. But one can paddle for more than five minutes without the threat of an early death from hypothermia. Which does make a pleasant change.

But it's been a pleasure to watch UKIP suffer. A true delight. And we can only hope that their plight will be compounded with a delightful Indian summer in a month or two. Their heads will spin.

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