Saturday, 28 July 2018

My New Toy

I couldn't help myself. My head had been turned by the new entry level Fuji XT100, and my plotting started. I thought I could save a bit of money having a body only model brought back from the US at Christmas. But this plan had four key drawbacks. A body only model left me a lens short if Mrs P wanted to use my old Fuji X-M1. The savings from buying the camera in the US weren't so grand. I'd have to wait till just past Christmas. And this wasn't really the camera that I wanted.

What I wanted was the X-T20. And that's what I've got. I bought it from Fuji's own online refurbished store. With a new lens - the XF23mm f2.0. If I'd bought both from new, my wallet would have been £1118 lighter. Buying refurbished cost me £749, a saving of £369. Fuji warn that items might have cosmetic blemishes, but both the camera and lens I have are perfect. Like new. I am a happy chappy.

The X-T20 is a very significant upgrade over my X-M1. It has a new XTrans 24mp sensor, rather that the old 16mp one. It has a decent EVF - the X-M1 had just a rather mediocre LCD screen. It boasts a nice array of manual dials. And the technology inside is five years newer, so things like auto focus worker faster and better. It is, arguably, my first real camera. I shall treasure it and put it to good use.

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