Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Adios Adobe

I discovered about six months ago that my Adobe Creative Cloud Photography subscription was a 12 month contract. And not a rolling monthly deal, as I had assumed. My contract renews on August 28th. Or it would have. But I ignored the  offer of 3 months free to encourage me to sign up for another year, and cancelled my subscription. I love Lightroom, but I really don't need to pay for it anymore. Because these days, I do most of my work on my iPad. So adios Adobe. Sort of. And hola, Adobe. Lightroom is free on the iPad. There is a premium version available - on a rolling monthly deal for £4.49 - but I don't need the premium features. Free suits my needs and budget.

Lightroom Mobile is a powerful tool. But that's not to say it is perfect. There's three options I would love to see the software adopt in a forthcoming iteration. Firstly, for the filename of each photo to automatically adopt the photo's filename as set by the camera. At present, you either manually add a title or it is left blank. Secondly, the ability to modify the iOS photo, rather than the need to import and export photos, thereby duplicating the image in my iPhone's camera roll. And thirdly, the ability to import Lightroom presets. There's a workaround for this, but it'd make life so much easier if it could be done in a straightforward manner.

But still, the free version of Adobe Lightroom mobile is the way forward for me. It'll be even better when I upgrade my iPad Mini 4, whenever that may be.



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