Wednesday, 12 September 2018

The End

Fifteen years, two months and twenty one days ago I wrote my first blog post. Today, I write the last. It's been fun - mostly - but these days I seem to blog largely for the sake of blogging. And too much of it involves typing angrily into the internet with little real purpose. I wrote that first post as an optimistic 30 year old, about to embark on a backpacking trip of a lifetime through Mexico, full of wonder at the world surrounding me. I write today as a slightly jaded 45 year old, rather fed up with the amount of ignorance and prejudice that has come to the fore, and unconvinced that the planet is heading in the right direction. Fifteen years is quite a long time. The world has changed greatly. As have I. I am sure you have too.

Was all that tapping into a keyboard worth it? I've no idea how many words I've put into bits and bytes, but I'm sure they add up to a fair number of books worth. But yes, it's been worth it. Every now and then I read some stuff I'd written long ago. A lot of it is more poorly written than I'd like. But they bring back some wonderful memories nonetheless. There was also the revenue that this blog generated between 2007 and 2011, which amounted to a most welcome sum of several tens of thousands of dollars. Alas, the days of gaming Google's search algorithm are long gone. But perhaps most of all, it was worth it for the people I've met - online and off -, the friends I've made and the experiences that came from those interactions. Thanks to you all. Especially those that still linger on here.

Fifteen years is enough, don't you think? But 'The End' comes with a pair of caveats. Firstly, I have an alternative photography blog. But it's just photos. Maybe the occasional helpful travel tip. And conversations in the comments section if someone strikes one up. Secondly, one day I will hopefully retire and return to Mexico. And I suspect I might well start this blogging business up again. Right here - I'll carry straight on from where I leave off today. When will that be? In an ideal world, I'd love to be able to quit work at 60 years of age. So, that will be in about fifteen years from now...

So long for now folks. It's been a blast.

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