Tuesday, 1 January 2019

About the Author

A human, equipped with male appendages, born in London, boasting a French sounding surname and a lost portion of Irish heritage. A proud European for now, who has never found it difficult to be a truly global Brit. Currently hailing from Bournemouth but previously resident in Mexico City. Married to Mrs P, no children, no pets, just a camera and a sense of adventure.

Politically left of centre, economically surviving, optimistic in general. Frequently pick arguments and debates that should be left alone, am never knowingly wrong but regularly revise my opinion in an ever changing world. Have blogged since 2003, but I needed a new start. This is it. Travel, photography, the odd bit of fiction and thoughtful opinion. 

Please shoot me if I ever mention Brexit. Or Trump. I've given both more attention than is healthy - see my Brexit blog, which is a cast off of my original Mexile blog which was published between 2003 and 2018.