Tuesday, 8 January 2019


I have long found travel to be hard work, usually uncomfortable, always more expensive than planned, regularly dull and boring, usually dirty and more often than not overwhelming. That's the price of travelling on a shoestring, as I have often done. But the hours sat on planes, crammed onto trains and squashed into long distance cheap-as-chips bus services are totally worth it, no? I’ve convinced myself they are. If you’re undecided and still sat on the fence, reluctant to give up your two weeks all-inclusive in a sunny Spanish resort, please allow me to convince you.
I’ve always felt my travel map has a nice spread of colour, but is in need of a lot more work. It’s no replica of the one painted red by the British Empire. I’ve sold myself short by visiting the likes of Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Morocco and Thailand instead of Russia, China, Canada and Brazil. So work on it I shall.
This year Vietnam and Malta will be added. Perhaps Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and or the Czech Republic. Future adventures that myself and the intrepid Mrs P have in mind include Japan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Argentina and Chile. A return to Mexico is a must, of course. We’ll see how far we get. Join us, here if not in person.