Friday, 19 April 2019

Goodbye Vietnam

All good things must come to an end. Including my holiday to Vietnam. At the time of writing, the holiday has been over for nearly a month. I hope you enjoyed the run of posts. The written content was, most of the time, really just an excuse to publish the photographic content. It would have been nice to close this journey with a recording of Robin Williams screaming 'Goodbye Vietnam', but that wasn't the catchphrase, and he's no longer with us in order for a custom recording to be commisioned. Instead, I offer a short video. Made with Apple Photos, a collage of some of my better shots from what was a wonderful, fascinating, unforgettable fortnight.

I'll finish with a few final observations. I've never felt as safe anywhere in the world as I did in Vietnam. I rarely saw a uniformed policeman. How about police and security services not in uniform? They are awfully discreet if there were any of those milling about. The atmosphere was not oppresive, quite the opposite. Communism? I didn't notice. People are busy. Vietnam is busy. They are learning how to be a modern deeveloping country. They look like fast learners to me. We'll be back, one day.

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