Tuesday, 9 April 2019

My Son 360

The quality of photo stitching in Google's Streetview app has gotten extremely impressive.You have to look pretty hard to spot any breaks.Those that exist don't detract from the viewing experience at all, in my opinion. But alas, there is a problem. It's a known and long standing problem, but Google do not appear to be very concerned at resolving it. 

What is the problem? If you try to search for this image in Google Maps, you will not find it. Nor any of the 360 photos I've taken and published since last September. They have all been rejected, because the image size is under 7.5mp. It's a bug that afflicts the iPhone XS and its Max sibling, and it's a little frustrating. But still, you can see the image here just fine. Wave to Mrs P as you go past.

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