Saturday, 4 January 2020

Good Intentions

I'm not overly fixated on resolutions. Experience has taught me that they simply set you up for a fall. But still, I do start each year with good intentions and grand plans. Giving up smoking is normally one begun at midnight and bust before the first day is done. Not this year. My app tells me that it's been 1 month 18 days and 9 hours since I last had so much as a single puff. If it hadn't been for a slight hiccup, my app would boast longer still. There will be no more hiccups. I promise. And I shall report back in a years time with a screenshot from my app that I can be proud of.

There are travel plans. There are always travel plans. This year I have, in alphabetical order, China, Cambodia, Canada, Croatia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan in mind. You might assume that my list of visited countries is missing ones beginning with C and U, and that I've decided 2020 is the year to knock them off. But it's just coincidence. Generally, though, my goals as I've grown older have become more mundane. If I can get through the year happy, healthy and financially solvent, then all is good with the world. 

And then there are those little things that you keep meaning to do but have just never gotten round to. Like having a ride on the ferris wheel on Bournemouth's sea front. It's been there for years. I've walked past it dozens, maybe hundreds of time. Always thinking, I must stop and ride it one day. I can confirm that that day came on January 1st. There's no better day to start getting things ticked off lists.

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