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Covid Thoughts and Questions

It’s permanent, isn’t it? I think a lot of people are missing the big point about the switch from containment to delay. The failure of containment means Covid19 is with us permanently. As the years and decades pass, this is likely to kill millions. Tens of millions. Maybe hundreds of millions.I keep hearing people comparing the number of daily Covid19 deaths  to other causes of death, trivialising the disease somewhat. Imagine a person standing in the path of a tsunami, as the wave makes first contact with people on the beach, suggesting that as only a couple of people have been killed, there are many other things we should really be worried about.
When a vaccine is developed, will it be as effective as the smallpox one and eradicate the disease? Or will it be similar to the flu vaccine and just help keep the disease in check?Mortality rates are high given how contagious the disease is. Really high for the over 80s at 15 to 20%. But what I wanted to know, is how high they are for my ag…

The Brexit Virus

Several thousand EU nurses and doctors have left the UK since the referendum and newly registered EU nurses are down nearly 90% The NHS was short of nurses to start with. It seems likely that in the coming months, thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of elderly Brits are going to contract COVID19 and require urgent medical care. The disease has at least a 15% mortality rate in the over 80s. But there won’t be enough doctors and nurses to help them. Not all of them.Many of them will likely suffer more than they needed too. Some will likely die. Some of them will be people who voted Leave and have spent three years scoffing at the suggestion that they didn’t know what they voted for. But I can’t help but wonder, as they teeter on the brink between life and death, if some of them will perhaps regret their decision to send all those EU nurses packing. I suspect some of them might conclude that they didn’t know what they were voting for after all.This is no time for ‘I told you so’ scoldi…

House Crash

Never drink and drive. Stay at home. It’s safer. Unless you were planning on driving your home.

The Virus

A year ago, I’d have paid little attention to the corona virus outbreak beyond concern for the possible cancellation of flights I’m booked on. I’m mid 40s, healthy and pretty robust. Then last September I got a sore throat.After a couple of days I had a real sore throat so I went to the doctor. Infected tonsils, which I’ve had before. No problem. I got my prescription for antibiotics, downed the first couple and carried on working. A couple of days and I’d be feeling better.A couple of days later, I drove myself to hospital at 3am, barely able to swallow. A couple of days after that I had an ear infection.I tried another course of antibiotics, but nothing worked. It was a viral infection, not bacterial. A couple of days after that, other parts of my throat and mouth became infected.Two weeks later, I felt a bit better, other than I hadn’t eaten for a long time. Then I started throwing up blood. I think the blood came from burst ulcers in my throat. I was throwing up a couple of times …