Sunday, 29 June 2003

Mexico City

Well I have no idea if this will work seeing as I am having to create an HTML doc in Word and my tag knowledge is pretty limited. So everyone be jolly impressed if it does work in any shape, way or form please! Anyway, I have finally arrived in Mexico City after a pretty nasty 25 hour journey door to door. Still, havent wasted much time and have been out to Teotihuacan, an Aztec ruin with the worlds 3rd largest pyramid which was cool. Have some great photos too which at some stage I will hopefully get to put up, and my traditional dose of first day sunburn. At least I will no longer get asked which country I come from....

A scarily high proportion of people in my hostel have been held up at gunpoint, and I have noticed that even the locals hide indoors after dark. Think I might follow suit there. Last night four guys were held up by some dodgy Mexican with a gun and half a roll of bog paper which has got to be reasonably unusual. At least they are concerned enough to carry supplies in case they scare their victims too much. I have also managed to upset one person so far, a French man, who insisted history is a lesson never learned. I felt obliged to disagree, pointing out that France did not attempt any sort of invasion across the channel last century....some people have no sense of humour. Well anyways, I’m off to my next destination on Monday to explore the Yucatan. At least this flight is just a 90 minute job, and with a bit of luck I won´t have to sit next to a Pablo Escobar look a like this time, which is never nice

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Sunday, 22 June 2003

Getting Ready

Only four days to go till take off, and just 2 days left at Texaco. Can’t wait, really can’t. And as usual I’m leaving half the planning to the last minute….all adds to the fun. So long as I remember passport, swimming trunks and cashcard it’ll all be fine! I have even managed to get this little website a domain name and a little place on the ‘net. For what purpose I’m not entirely sure, but I can use this bit as a record of my travels anyway, to remind myself of it all when I end up sitting in a hospice going slowly senile. It may yet turn out to be an easy way to get out of emailing each and every person seperately……..Of course, this is all reliant on me being able to update the site from Mexico, so this may well end up being both the first and last post!
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